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What is the story about?

Nobody’s Perfect is a coming-of-age love story, narrated by Raghav, a musician, who takes us back seven years when he met the perfect girl, a girl who believed that nobody’s perfect.

Everything seemed fine, until one day, it all came to an end.

Listen to Raghav as he tries to understand what went wrong. Let him take you on a journey of love, loss and hope. See him fulfill his dream, then throw it all away.

Feel true love – like Raghav did.

You’re welcome!

I’d like to invite you to be a part of this journey with me as I share a little bit more of the story every couple of days. (Every Tuesday and Saturday)

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Why am I writing this blog?

I love telling stories. Well, essentially, stories tell themselves. That’s what I love about a story. It has a mind of its own and grows organically, unyielding to your intentions. Somewhat like a kid, it resists your attempts to change it, but at the end of the day, you’re still a proud parent.

Why am I really writing this blog?

Well, I love writing and I hope to build my life around it. I want to become a published writer and share my stories with the world. This blog is a step towards that.

Help me spread the word!

Hope you enjoy the story. If you like it, please tell your friends about it. Help me spread the word, to the world. I’d really appreciate it.

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6 Responses

  • Dude, i already see myself picking up one of your published book copy from landmark store … you have again brought that addictive novel reading habit .. which happened to me after long time … Do send one signed & complimentary copy the day its published … :p
    And yea .. ur part 7 is already predicted by my head but i know ur version will be better ;) Keep writing ….

    • Thanks man! :) it makes me really happy to hear that you have started reading again like you used to…stories are addictive

  • looks good……thumbs up…!!!!

    • Thanks bro!

  • This is great stuff man!!
    I am posting this comment after reading a few lines from the first part and I am glad to say I really like the narrative!!
    In only the first few lines I could make out the detailing and the effort that you have put behind the characters in this novel! I am going toread the remaining parts soon!!
    I remember you reading a short love story during our D-Mall days and I am very happy that you have decided to follow what you love!


    • Hi Pranjal, thanks for the appreciation. I was hoping to hear from a fellow writer. Glad that you like it.

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